Why is fashion for me like a fairy tale?

Many people don’t consider fashion an important part of culture and society. For me, it is like a fairytale, a dream in which we can be what we really want. Some would say that’s not important, there are more significant things to think about, fashion is just expensive fun for the rich and fancy. Here is why I believe fashion makes life better:

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  1. Throughout history, fashion has always been a mirror that reflected the image of the society. It’s no wonder a rapid development of fashion as culture of clothing began right after World War II. People had the need to build and bring nice things into their lives after so much demolition and terror.
  2. Fashion can often do its magic and enable various fundraisers and charity events.

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  1. If we don’t consider social, but individual and psychological aspects, fashion can make a special moment better, spice up an ordinary day or fix a bad one. Sometimes, when I’m going through a really difficult week, when I feel like all of my dreams are falling apart, when I’m both physically and mentally exhausted, believing in a fairytale can get me out of it all. I get into my fantasy and start getting ready for an event. That’s the moment in which Cinderella turns into a genuine princess, when a women makes sure she’s shining, no matter what kind of a day’s behind her.blog 11
  2. “There is nothing on this planet that a person appreciates as much as beauty, a thing he cares for so much that he cannot even reason his enormous need” dr Mirko Zurovac. Beauty is one of the three philosophical values. Some might say it’s even an imperative of the modern age. You don’t have to do anything but die. I don’t have to be the face from the magazine covers, have slender, long legs and amazing bone structure. My mother always says that your life is the way you want to live it. For me, beauty is a value. You should work on it, and fashion can just give us guidelines on the journey to the castle and the fairytale we’re wishing for.

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The pictures were taken in the beautiful castle “Fantast”, near the town of Becej. The coats I’m wearing are a part of autumn / winter 15/16 collection “Royal Insignia” by fashion designer Danijela Boric. She was inspired by ornaments, embroidery and royal insignia of the Serbian medieval costume. Those were garments or items that had a special significance because they were thought to be of divine origin. Some of them were crown, a cape or a belt. The coats are made of fine plush with embroidery and Swarovski crystals, inspired by the same royal insignia.

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