Say “YES“ for white

Belo i crno nisu boje i ništa nije crno-belo, jer dolazi leto koje donosi šarene koktele i bele odevne kombinacije. Belo je po svim modnim trendovima hit za ovo leto, a osim što je aktuelno veoma je praktično, jer odbija sunčeve zrake. Ukoliko se dobro iskombinuje može i da privuče značajne poglede. Prodavnice su ovih dana pune bele čipkane garderobe. Ovu majicu sam našla u NewYorker-u.

Black and white are not colour, and nothing is black and white, because summer is coming with colourfull coctails and white combinations. White is in trend for this summer, and it’s practically because is solar reflectance. If you are good in cothes combinatons, you can attract significant glances. These days shops are full of white lace clothes. This shirt I’ve found in NewYorker.

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